Keratin Treatments

Results of a Keratin Treatment:

Yay! You’re on the no frizz band-wagon! Now that you have indulged in your much anticipated treatment, you should expect your hair to feel healthier, look shinier, feel smoother all with less blow dry time. Whoa.

The Process:

Your hair will need to be completely free of oils and build-up. We use a special clarifying shampoo and wash your hair several times until it is “squeaky clean”. ¬†Afterwards. I will blow dry your hair until it is 100% dry. The solution is applied, and you will process for 30 mins. I will then blow dry your hair again with the solution still in. Once, it is 100% dry we will flat iron. This step will seal the solution in, sealing the cuticle down. You will leave the salon with the straightest hair you’ve ever had.

After Care for the Keratin Treatment:

When you leave you will again, have super straight hair. Please keep in mind that your hair will not stay that way after you wash it. There are key things to remember in protecting the longevity of your Keratin Treatment.

+ Do not wash your hair for 72 hours. Sweating counts too. Sorry. If you accidentally get it wet, make sure to blow-dry your hair right away and flat iron it again.
+ Please refrain from tucking or pinning your hair back during the 72 hours.
+ After the 72 hour down time, you can maintain your normal routine, however your shampoo will need to be free of sulfates and sodium chloride. Very important. promise.
+ Highlighting and coloring the hair will shorten the longevity of the treatment so try and schedule your treatment right after your color has been done.